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At Allied Career Training Institute we are both a Massage Therapy School and Medical Assisting School, provide students, both online and in person, the opportunity to become certified in Massage Therapy or Medical Assisting. It is our goal to provide innovative and relevant curricula that meets the current standards of the industries we serve. 


We provide an environment that will foster academic and personal development, which will encourage students to complete program requirements and graduate.


Not only do we strive to ensure all students graduate, but it goes further than that. It is our goal to make sure each student is set up for success. We help students develop proper work habits, professional attitudes, and increased confidence to improve their lives economically and professionally.  

We assist graduates in securing entry-level positions that will lead to fulfilling their career objectives and personal growth. In turn, we are able to provide business, industry, government, and professionals with well-trained personnel. Massage therapy school, medical assisting school

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