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Our Programs

Program enrollment is on-going, and new students are able to start programs of study at the start of each academic term, with some limitations for class sizes. This allows students the opportunity to start programs every five weeks.

Our programs will have classes that can be delivered in an on ground and or online format. will be instructor led and are not self-directed.

All online classes are taught by the same qualified instructors that deliver on ground instruction as well.

The Institution's online course is a specialized Internet-based application. Unlike traditional classroom instruction, which often relies on improvisation driven by a desire to cover the material, The Institution's online courses are fully developed and realized before the first lesson ever takes place which allows the student to participate in real time with the active online instructor. Every assignment and activity in a course has been planned, selected, and evaluated in light of the course's specific learning outcomes.

College Students in Classroom
Massage Therapy

Part Time or Full Time

The massage therapy program includes theory, hands on skill practices, and internship practicum. This certificate program prepares students to obtain licensure with the State of Maine for entry-level positions in wellness and personal services; promoting, maintaining, or restoring health and well-being in a spa or medical clinic environment.

Medical Assisting

Part Time or Full Time

The medical assisting program is designed to  designed to prepare students to perform in a wide array of clinical, clerical, and human relation functions that ultimately contribute fostering within a patient a sense of confidence in the operation of a medical office. 

Checking Blood Pressure
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