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Student Services

At Allied Career Training Institute we offer a variety of student services. Everything from advising, tutoring, student council, career services, and a great resource center.

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Student advising and support services are an important part of the Allied Career Training Institute community. At Allied Career Training Institute, this vital function is provided by individuals in the Education, Career Service and Financial Aid departments as well as the members of the faculty and includes academic, attendance, financial aid and/or career advising.

Students may experience educational, personal, or financial problems during their enrollment. The Institution welcomes the opportunity to assist students in working out solutions to these problems. Students experiencing difficulties in these areas are advised to contact the Education Department. Students requiring other types of professional assistance beyond that offered by the Institution will be referred to the appropriate agencies within the community.


Students who need extra assistance because of academic difficulties may arrange tutoring through the Education Department.

Diversity Students

Student Council

Students have the opportunity to participate in the Student Council, organizing in-school and extracurricular events. The administration and faculty encourage participation in the student council and provide support and guidance when necessary. Students who are interested should ask the Director of Education how to become involved.

Career Services

The Career Services Department assists all eligible graduates in securing employment within their fields of study by providing employment referrals and training on career search techniques.  Through a comprehensive Career Development effort, students are instructed on how to conduct an effective career search. Topics include goal setting, resume and cover letter writing, informational interviewing, networking, career search methods, interviewing techniques and follow-up. Prior to graduation, all students are required to complete an exit interview with the Career Services Department. While the exit interview is mandatory prior to graduation, all students are encouraged to meet with Career Services early and often throughout their program to discuss individual career strategies and objectives. Some of the services available to graduates include:

  • Resume and cover letter writing assistance

  • "Mock" interviews

  • Employment referrals

  • Individual career guidance throughout the career search.


The resources of the Career Services Department are available to students and graduates in good standing.  While the Career Services Department will do everything it can to assist graduates in finding employment, graduates should remember that this is only one resource. A successful career search incorporates several resources for developing employment opportunities. Therefore, graduates should seek interviews and opportunities on their own in addition to efforts

with Career Services. The resources of the Career Services Department are available to all alumni throughout their careers.


Disclaimer: Allied Career Training Institute cannot promise or guarantee employment to any student or graduate.

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Colorful Books

Resource Center

The Resource Center contains volumes and current periodicals related to general studies and specialized program areas. All reference materials and resources within the center are used to supplement classroom texts and materials. There are also desktop computers with internet access and printers for student use.

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